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Our Staff

HumPAL is staffed by the Natural Resources Services Division of the Redwood Community Action Agency.  HumPAL staff has considerable experience and training in various aspects of active living planning, ranging from one-on-one educational outreach to regional policy work.  Our staff has a wide range of expertise, ranging from coalition building to trail planning to walkability assessments; we see projects through from vistion to implementation and monitoring. 

Our reputation and excellence stems from both an individual and team commitment to innovative, collaborative and cost-effective solutions to built environment challenges. Each of us is commited to active living in each of our own lives - and helping others to do the same.


Emily Sinkhorn - Projects Coordinator

Emily holds a Master of Science degree in Forest Science from Oregon State University and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Biology from Duke University. Ms. Sinkhorn has a diversity of expertise and passion for both natural resources and functional transportation systems, and has been the a organizer for HumPAL-related efforts. To each project she brings her experience in active transportation education, outreach, and advocacy paired with her understanding of the importance of effective multimodal transportation policies. She is successful at bringing together diverse groups of people and finding common themes for productive collaboration. Ms Sinkhorn has led numerous community bicycling education events as a League Certified Bicycling Instructor and brings passion and fun to her programs. She manages several community building and active transportation-oriented projects and her organizational and outreach skills ensure effective project management and thorough engagement with diverse stakeholders.

Phone: (707) 269-2061



 Debbie Perticara - Planning Specialist

Debbie earned a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in Anthropology and Women’s Studies and an African Studies Certificate. In Madison, WI she appreciated being able to live without a car thanks to a wide range of transportation options including well-designed bike lanes and bus routes. In Madison Debbie oversaw a children’s garden while participating in a large and diverse community garden. Biking and walking to get around town, and gardening to grow food, both encouraged Debbie to look for ways to integrate more physical activity into daily life. At RCAA in Eureka Debbie works with a support network for local community gardens, the North Coast Community Garden Collaborative. They promote gardening as a means to more active lifestyles and better overall health due to improved nutrition from fresh, culturally-appropriate, and home-grown foods; improved physical activity levels from exercise inherent in gardening; and reduced stress as reported by so many gardeners. Debbie has helped with numerous Safe Routes to Schools projects, including inventorying schools in Humboldt County, summarizing transportation information from each school, and distributing and collecting parent surveys to schools throughout Humboldt County. She also has experience planning and overseeing projects, recruiting and training volunteers, and collaborating with local organizations, private businesses, schools, churches, community groups, and community members.

Phone: (707) 269-2071


Jenny Weiss - Planner

Jenny is a graduate of Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Interpretation. Her appreciation for the natural world and enthusiasm for sharing unique experiences led her to work as a Naturalist, Park Ranger, and Educator throughout the Pacific Northwest. Working outdoors and promoting a healthy environment further solidified her understanding of the connection between education and stewardship, and her personal commitment to health and fitness has guided her to work towards creating healthy, safe neighborhoods through active transportation. Ms. Weiss excels at coordinating SRTS programs and successfully launched the City of Eureka’s first comprehensive Education & Encouragement Program that has since spread to numerous Eureka City Schools. She has organized walkability audits at multiple schools throughout rural Humboldt County and continues to coordinate the Greater Eureka SRTS Task Force, as well as the County-wide SRTS Task Force. Ms. Weiss is skilled at coordinating events, from planning, to fundraising, to volunteer management, and uses her creativity to develop engaging public participation materials, brochures, and banners.

Phone: (707) 269-2062



Natalie Arroyo - Senior Planner

Natalie is a graduate of the University of Florida and a former AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project member. She began working with NRS in 2007. Since then, Natalie has worked on a wide variety of NRS projects, including public outreach and education; event coordination and facilitation; active living planning and community engagement; watershed planning, assessment and enhancement; interpretive, graphic and web design; stormwater management, and more. Natalie is enthusiastic about engaging communities in positive change, and planning, designing and creating great neighborhoods and places for all living things to thrive.

Phone:(707) 269-2059


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