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Charrette training coming to Humboldt - Feb 8-10, 2011

The National Charrette Institute, in partnership with HumPAL & the Redwood Community Action Agency, will be conducting a 3-day full NCI Charrette System Certificate training in Humboldt County.  This three-day training will teach participants what they need to know to utilize the engaging and inclusive 'design charrette' process in program and project planning processes.  Also, the training will offer a half-day session that covers NCI charrette system basics. In 2010, the only opportunities to receive this training on the west coast were in San Francisco or Portland; HumPAL and NCI are proud to offer the same training to Northern California residents at a location much closer to home, not to mention cheaper travel costs!

What is a Charrette?
Charrettes are emerging as a successful format for incorporating public participation and stakeholder dialogue into the often-contentious planning process.  A good charrette allows for collaboration, facilitates understanding, and allows for joint ownership of solutions in a project or program.  Charrettes have been used by architects and other designers for decades, and are now being used in urban, transportation, and public health planning.  Planning charrettes  typically take place over a handful of days, and, like early architectural charrettes, are design-based and focused on productivity and inspiration.

Humboldt County NCI Charette Training specifics

Training Dates: February 8-10, 2011

Location: Fortuna River Lodge, Fortuna, CA

Registration Deadline: Jan 29, 2011

Registration Fees:

  • Half-Day: $105.00 per trainee
  • Full 3-Day Training: $750.00 per trainee
  • Volume Discounts:  $725.00 per person for groups of 2 or more.

For more information about the Humboldt County training, contact Christopher Escarcega at 707-269-2055, or via email at For more information on the NCI Charrette System Certificate training, please visit the National Charrette Institute.