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Dan Burden speaks at TED Talks Manhattan

Dan Burden is the man behind, a resource for advocates of healthy, walkable communities.  Dan was a National Geographic photographer who became interested and engaged in community design, and he's been a tireless advocate for walkable communites for over 38 years, working with over 2700 towns and cities throughout North America.  Dan presented at "TED Talks - Manhattan Beach" in February 2011.  In his 20-minute presentation, he lays out the way forward (or the way back) to walkable communities built for people.

From the TED Talks introduction to the video:
"Dan Burden presents the case for creating communities that are centered on people and not cars. He identifies the benefits to the community in terms of both vitality and economic well-being. As a leading expert in his field of creating livable communities he talks about the processes he uses and the results of his many projects."

The TEDxManhattanBeach page for this presentation is here.