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Elk River Access Trail

The Humboldt Trails Council (formerly known as the Trails Trust of Humboldt Bay) has shared Elk River Access Trail information and maps online!  The Elk River Access Trail will provide visitors with a multi-use trail that skirts the mouth of the Elk River in Southern Eureka; it will serve as the southern section of the Eureka Waterfront Trail.  The planning and design phases for the trail are well under way, and construction is expected to take place in 2012.

  Check out the Humboldt Trails Council Facebook page.

Elk River Access Trail location. Courtesy of Trails Council of Humboldt.

Who are the Humboldt Trails Council (aka Trails Trust of Humboldt Bay)?
"The Trails Trust of Humboldt Bay was formed in July 2004 for the purpose of both advocating and educating the community about potential projects for trail development and to raise necessary funds for the planning and permitting stages. Our goal is to partner with government, business and existing non-profits to get the trails started. Our desire is to help our community discover, learn about and enjoy the unique attributes of the region, particularly around Humboldt Bay and at the same time generate public support for these projects." (from the Trails Trust website)