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(Fresh) Food Trucks in Chicago

An innovative non-profit in Chicago has hit on a simple, but effective, way to get fresh food into the food deserts of underserved communities:

"A few months ago, a Chicago non-profit launched Fresh Moves, a one-aisle grocery store on a bus that sells pineapples, mangoes, collard greens, onions and other fresh fruits and vegetables in West Side neighborhoods like Lawndale and Austin, where locals have minimal access to fresh produce. A 2006 study by consultant Mari Gallagher linked these food deserts – defined by the USDA as a census tract more than a mile from a grocery store – to increased diabetes and other diet-related maladies, as well as premature death."

To read more, visit the article at the Atlantic Cities blog.

interior of a food bus - there are fresh vegetables and other products
Photo Credit: Fresh Moves