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Humboldt County General Plan Update Health Impact Assessment

General Plan Update Health Impact Assessment: authored by Human Impact Partners, the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Branch, and the Humboldt Partnership for Active Living.

Aerial View: Loleta, Humboldt County, CA. Credit: M. Smith.
Compact rural development preserves working lands and encourages
active transportation.

Humboldt GPU HIA Downloads

 Cover Page [PDF, 74KB]
Table of Contents [PDF, 102KB]

 Executive Summary [PDF, 329KB]
Sustainable and Safe Transportation [PDF, 1.76MB]
Healthy Housing [PDF, 213KB]
Public Infrastructure [PDF, 1.95MB]
Public Safety and Social Cohesion [PDF, 1.12MB]
Healthy Economy [PDF, 169KB]
Environmental Stewardship [PDF, 604KB]

All Sections [PDF, 5.5MB]