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NCI training, 2011

NCI Charrette Training, March 2011. Credit:HumPAL.

Workshops & Events

HumPAL has hosted a number of workshops and events designed to educate and build capacity around issues of public health and the built environment.  From working with county public health staff and tranportation planners in charrette trainings to hands-on education with the public at community nutrition and activity events, HumPAL has lead efforts to connect professionals and the public with the training and resources to develop and implement policy and project work around the intersection of built environment and public health.



blue star California Conference of Local Directors of Health Education (CCLDHE) Learning Forum
"Institutionalizing Built Environment Work in Local Departments of Public Health" (May 2011)

Keynote speakers and panelists shared their insight and experience in integrating built environment work within public health organizations and the community at-large.  Built environment work is connected to the big picture of public health work, and practical advice and experience was shared with the in-house and remote audiences.  Challenges, visioning and opportunities for innovation were discussed and explored both in speaker/audience and interactive formats.  Visit the webinar recources page to view presentation materials for this event.

blue star Defining Healthy Community Design in Humboldt County: A Policy Charrette (October 2007)

HumPAL hosted an intense, multi-day, multi-disciplinary “Defining Healthy Design in Humboldt County: A Policy Charrette,” an experimental use of charrettes to design and produce a set of active living policy recommendations for local and regional governments that will fit into standard General Plan Element and Regional Transportation Plan formats, including implementation measure examples.

pdf icon Policy Charrette Report [PDF, 1.9 MB] - this report contains the recommendations made by the charrette working group.

Policy Charrette Presentations

pdf icon Introduction. Jen Rice, Co-Director of Natural Resources Services Division of Redwood Community Action Agency [1MB, PDF]
pdf icon Health Statistics in Humboldt County. Dr Ann Lindsay, Humboldt County Public Health Officer [3MB, PDF]
pdf icon Why Look at Health When Assessing and Designing the Built Environment. Lisa Feldstein, Affordable Housing Consultant [2MB, PDF]
pdf icon Community Design Matters: Creating Walkable, Livable, Healthy Communities. Paul Zykofsky, AICP Local Government Commission [12MB, PDF]
pdf icon Defining Healthy Community Design in Humboldt County. Jeremy Nelson, Senior Associate, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates [5MB, PDF]
pdf icon Land Use and Policy Trends: North Coast Perspective. George Williamson, Planwest Partners, Inc. [1MB, PDF]