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Healthy Development Checklist

Hammond Trail - Clam Beach Approach. Humboldt County, CA. Credit: NRS.
Connected trails create opportunities for recreation and commuting uses.
A Tool for Project, Neighborhood, & Community Health Assessment

How can you let your councilmember or the developer who is going to be buliding in your neighborhood know what's important to you? The Healthy Development Checklist! Healthful conditions require an adequate supply of quality housing; access to public transit, schools, nutritious food; access to safe parks and open spaces; safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages and abilities; meaningful and productive employment; unpolluted air, soil, and water; and, cooperation, trust, and civic participation.  Rural and non-metropolitan communities cannot generally meet these needs in the same footprint as a metropolitan region due to less-dense development patterns, but many of these opportunities can (and should) be met in a wider geographic region. 

The HDCL is a qualitative checklist that lets engaged citizens and planners evaluate the completeness of their neighborhood or wider community) or assess the potential healthfulness of a proposed development project in the context of the wider neighborhood or community. The HDCL is available for download below; for more information on the HDCL, visit the HDCL page.

 Healthy Development Checklist (HDCL) [PDF, 2.27MB]