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Humboldt County DHHS
Public Health Branch:
TDM Pilot Project

Humboldt Shifting Gears 2010

As one TDM approach, the County of Humboldt implemented a program called the Humboldt County Shifting Gears 2010 Pilot Project. The program encouraged people to get to work differently by walking, biking, carpooling or taking transit. County employees participated in the 3 month program, held from May through July, 2010.

You can explore the pilot project materials through the navigation menu to the right.  Project design included surveys and a GIS implementation designed to optimize the site locations for maximum participation and vehicle miles travelled (VMT) reductions.  Workshops, walking maps, and other  campaign materials are presented in the Workplace Campaign section.

Project Funding

The program was funded through the California Endowment and implemented by the Humboldt County DHHS - Public Health Branch - Health Education Division.

Project Outline

  • Worked with Alta Planning and Design
  • Survey emailed to all employees
    • Primary commute mode
    • Secondary commute mode
    • Work day trip mode
    • Evening and weekend trip mode
    • Incentives offered for survey completion
  • Mapped locations where interested employees clustered
    • Three clusters identified
      • Maps
  • Humboldt County Shifting Gears Program
    • 140 Employees Participated
    • Lunchtime workshops and events
      • Kick-off potluck and Goose Networks rollout
      • Guided walking tours by local tourguides
      • Bicycle skills
        • Bike maintenance
        • Negotiating traffic on a bicycle
      • Pedestrian safety
      • Group bicycle commute
      • Healthy eating workshop - "Fueling Your Active Life"
      • Using a pedometer workshop - "10,000 Steps"
      • ABCs of public transportation
    • Created customized packets of alternate transportation resources
      • Humboldt Bay Bike Map
      • Transit schedules/fares
      • Bicycling safety tips
      • Share the Road
      • Carpooling tips and etiquette
      • Walking routes
      • Class and group event schedule
      • Select incentives
        • Pedometer
        • Bus pass
        • Umbrella
        • Bicycle safety kit