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Humboldt Shifting Gears 2010:
Humboldt County Employee Surveys

Employee surveys both before and after the Shifting Gears campaign. Survey were used to understand:

- employee schedules,
- how employees moved from place to place, including errands and commuting,
- barriers to active transporation and transit use (flexibility; cargo; perception of safety, inconvenience and cost; etc.)
- interest in potential TDM-related activities and education (bike safety workshops, nutritional education, walking tours, etc.)

Pre-campaign surveys allowed the campaign to be tailored to meet the needs of the respondents, and post-campaign surveys allowed Public Health Branch to assess the efficacy of the campaign.

PDF Icon Pre-Campaign Survey: Modes of Travel [PDF, 34KB]

PDF Icon Pre-Campaign Survey: Modes of Travel Results [PDF, 10KB]

PDF Icon Post-Campaign Survey: Humboldt County Employee Travel Survey [PDF, 37KB]

 Survey Results: Results of Employee Interests [PDF, 17KB]