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Humboldt Shifting Gears 2010:
Workplace Campaign





After the selection of three workplace sites for the TDM pilot project, a three-month education and encouragement campaign took place from May-July 2010.  The campaign featured educational workshops and support materials, including walking maps and  pedestrian and bicycle commuter guidelines.

Go Kits

"Go Kits" were distributed to participating worksites and employees.  These kits included an event calendar for the campaign, an introductory letter detailing the workshops and available support material, and an order form for free support materials.

Event Calendar [PDF, 125KB]
PDF Icon Campaign Cover Letter [PDF, 87KB]
PDF Icon GoKit Order Form [PDF, 133KB]


Workshops were hosted multiple times each month for the duration of the campaign.  Topics covered included: bicycle/pedestrian safety, proper nutrition for active living, and an introduction to using a pedometer to track activity levels.

Campaign Resources

The Shifting Gears 2010 campaign supported, educated, and encouraged cycling, walking, and taking the bus to work through free materials provided to participants.

Walking Maps

Humboldt County Public Health Branch partnered with Alta Planning to produce walking maps detailing both recreational "lunch time" walking routes as well as nearby services (grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, etc.).