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Humboldt Shifting Gears 2010:
Workplace Campaign > Walking Maps

Humboldt County Public Health Branch produced and distributed "walking maps" for each of the three TDM pilot project sites.  The maps were designed to inform participants of:

A) nearby walks of cultural significance and interest, and

B) the relative walking distance to restaurants, delis, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other services.

The walking maps for the TDM pilot project are available as downloadable PDFs.

Architectural Loop Map

Social Services Branch - Architectural Loop Walking Map.
Note: these maps are for reference only; they are not for precision navigation.

Shifting Gears 2010: Walking Maps

PDF Icon Walking Map - Humboldt County Mental Health Branch
[PDF, 677KB]

PDF Icon Walking Map - Humboldt County Courthouse & Public Health Branch
[PDF, 764KB]

PDF Icon Walking Map - Humboldt County Social Services Branch
[PDF, 763KB]