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Assistance and Training

HumPAL can train parents, teachers, and administrators on planning and implementing a comprehensive Safe Routes to School Education program at any school. HumPAL successfully piloted a program that included Walking Wednesdays, procuring donations of incentives and food, the production of a unique sneaker 'trophy' for in-classroom competitions, and has built sustainability and on-going commitment to continue the program in a Eureka elementary school.

HumPAL is also skilled at planning and implementing Walkability Audits and has assisted cities and the County in writing successful Safe Routes to Schools federal and state grant applications.

We have also planned and implemented several trainings that bring local decisionmakers, parents, school, city and county staff, and others, together state and national experts to Humboldt County to provide Safe Routes to School trainings. These collaborative trainings have included:

The Local Government Commission, Associate Director Paul Zykofsky

Alameda County Safe Routes to School Program Expert, Nora Cody

Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center Project Coordinator, Patti Horsley, MPH

Walkable Communities Founder & Executive Director Dan Burden