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Bring SR2S to Your School

Interested in starting a Safe Routes to Schools Program to your school?  Check out the Activities pages for students and adults for creative, effective ways to generate interest and enthusiasm for SR2S!  Be sure to check out the other SR2S pages for ideas and tools to get your SR2S program rolling.

blue star Connecting Kids

Contests and walking/biking events to organize to help kids connect to Safe Routes to Schools.

blue star Connecting Grown-Ups

Great tools and information for adults: travel plans and maps to plan your routes, primers, data sets to help make the case for Safe Routes at your school, and walkability audit information to engage city staff and councilmembers.

blue star Show Me the Money!

Find funding for your Safe Routes to School program!

Schoolkids walking together
Kids walking to school for International Walk to School Day, 2008. Credit: HumPAL.