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Choose Your Route - and By Walking or Rolling?

Schools and parents can come up with an entire travel plan for their school. Creating maps with 'recommended routes' to school helps families that walk and roll or drive know the routes kids will most likely be traveling along - which raises awareness and safety for everyone! Download an exmple of a School Travel Plan you and/or your school can complete.

Families: You Can Plan Your Travel Too!

Sometimes all it takes is learning a little bit more about something to try it out. How long will it take to travel to school by bike? What if my child doesn't know the rules of the road? Can I really walk from my home to school? Are there other parents my child could carpool with? HumPAL helped facilitate a Eureka School Districtwide Workshop that helped families plan their travel to and from school. Kids and parents alike helped identify issue areas on maps of their school, made a smoothie by a blender powered by a bike, and learned how a bicycle helmet should be worn - and lots more! Download the SR2S Districtwide Workshop Packet to learn how you can have one at your school!

How Can Your Route Be Improved?

One of the best ways to figure out solutions to sidewalk gaps, dangerous intersections, and other common street or road issues identified by parents, is to have a "Walkability Audit." Download HumPAL's Walkability Audit Package to plan one for your school.  Who do I call about streets and roads? Contact your public works department at your city or county - they can help!

Why aren't children walking & rolling?

The National Center for Safe Routes has a free survey that can be distributed to each family - it collects information on the who, what, when, why (or why not!), and how of parents and children walking and rolling to school. They'll even process the results if you send the completed surveys - for free! Having this information, as well as a completed walkability audit, puts you firmly on your way to being eligible for federal and state funding to improve your school's walking and rolling environment!