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There are a lot of ways to engage youth in Safe Routes to Schools programs, both in the classroom and out! Download the guide to HumPAL's Safe Routes to School Education and Encouragement Program for details on each of these activities.

International Walk to School Day

Walk to School Day is an international event, taking place in October of each year, where communities from over 40 countries join together to walk and roll  to school. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of free registration, which is available to individuals or organizations holding a Walk to School event in the U.S ( Registered schools will be displayed on an interactive U.S. map on the U.S. Walk to School Web site, where neighboring communities, media, and other organizations will be able to view participating schools. You'll also have access to free, downloadable materials, including certificates, templates for printing stickers and a frequent walker punch card.

Walking Wednesdays

Walking Wednesdays are easy to remember - many schools schedule them for the first Wednesday of every month! Walking School Buses or Bicycle Trains are groups of students, accompanied by one or more adults, who all walk and/or bike to school together. Often parents are the providers for Walking School Buses, although other partner organizations may help initial organizing efforts. Download HumPAL's Safe Routes to Schools Education and Encouragement Program we created for the City of Eureka to get an SR2S program started in your school today!

The **GOLDEN** Sneaker Award!

The Golden Sneaker is a classroom competition that is one of the most effective student incentive competitions we've found. The Goldent Sneaker Trophy is comprised of any materials you can find to make a trophy. In HumPAL's case, a used pair of shoes from a thrift store, a metal lamp base, a few baubles, some pipe cleaners, and gold spray paint was all it took. Teachers take tallies on the same day each week (except on Walking Wednesdays) - and the most students who walk or roll to school that month gets to have the Golden Sneaker in their classroom for an entire month. Awarding the Sneaker at student assemblies generally heightens the excitement. A real conversation between a student and HumPAL staff. Elementary Student, upon seeing the Goldent Sneaker Trophy: Is that real gold?! HumPAL Staff: It's a real shoe and real gold paint! AND it's the only trophy like this in the whole United States of America!! Student: Wow!

Your trophy, too, will most likely be the only one like it in the whole U.S. of A!

Smoothie Parties

What's an easy way to get kids to eat a serving of fruit! Have use a bicycle-powered blender to make their own smoothie! Contact Michelle Postman at the Humboldt County Department of Public Health, or 707-441-5567, to learn how to make one - she also does demonstrations at events!  

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Courses

HumPAL have on staff an American League of Bicycles "League Cyclist Instructor", who is certified to teach bicycle education to all age groups and skill levels. These classes are short and designed to teach biking safety and rules of the road. They can also be taught in after school programs. You can also download entire curricula by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance out of Oregon, some of the best lesson guides there are!