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Humboldt Highlights

HumPAL coordinates and facilitates encouragement, events and infrastructure improvements at different school sites.  Explore this section of the SR2S online tool to learn more about the SR2S program in Humboldt County. The Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) is the clearinghouse of SR2S information in Humboldt County. To learn about local advocates and to view local data and reports, visit

The Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG), in collaboration with Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA), has developed a regional “prioritization tool” for examining the complex needs to get kids to school safely in Humboldt County. The prioritization tool offers a method for determining which schools have the greatest need and capacity for carrying out SR2S programs. It’s a tool to prioritize schools for funding opportunities. Through this project, HCAOG and RCAA also created a database of schools countywide, identified where they most need help, and recruited a Task Force to guide SR2S projects in the County. The tool can be found online at:



Creating Livable Streets in Eureka!
Livable Streets are designed at the human scale - they're walkable, bikable, and accessible, as well as beautiful places to live, work, and attend school.  Well-designed, livable streets increase safety and access for motorized and non-motorized users alike.  Livable streets play an important role in SR2S; HumPAL and its partners have helped foster livable streets around Humboldt County schools

Visit our Livable Streets showcase to see roadway improvements around SR2S schools.

Washington Elementary students walk to school. Credit: HumPAL


The Humboldt County Public Works Department was awarded funding under Cycle 10 SR2S. The money will be used for infrastructure improvements and traffic calming measures near Grant Elementary in Eureka. Construction is slated to begin during the summer of 2013. Washington Elementary received Cycle 8 SR2S grant funding which provided ADA compliant sidewalk gap infill and the installation of raised crosswalks/speed humps in the Washington/Sequoia Park neighborhood.The City of Rio Dell also received Cycle 10 funding for improvements at Monument Middle School and Eagle Prairie Elementary.

Several additional communities have been awarded funding in Humboldt County - including Arcata, Eureka, Rio Dell, and the County of Humboldt. Contact your Public Works department to find out if your community has been awarded funding!


HumPAL, in conjunction with other community agencies and organizations, has sponsored trainings and events focused on improving Safe Routes to Schools.

  • Step into Safety (2010)
    The Step into Safety encouragement and outreach event was hosted at Washington Elementary School at the beginning of the 2010-11 school year.  Over the course of the day, over 100 students and their families learned about the benefits of walking to school.  Please visit our Step into Safety to learn more about the event. Download the SR2S Districtwide Workshop Packet to learn how you can have one at your school!
  • SR2S Summit (2008)
    HumPAL, with funding and support from The California Endowment and the City of Eureka hosted a Safe Routes to Schools Summit. HumPAL invited Nora Cody, the Safe Routes to Schools Director for the Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) in Alameda County to present case studies and share her knowledge and experience from working with over 100 Alameda schools. Download the presentations, sample travel plans, and more from the Summit! (ZIP File)

blue star Participating Schools

A list of Humboldt County schools participating in the SR2S program.  Please contact the schools directly to learn about SR2S-related events and activities.

Parents, Guardians, Washington Elementary faculty and staff and HumPAL staff kick off International Walk
to School Day 2010. Credit: HumPAL.