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Show Me the Money!


In California, the Department of Transportation, Caltrans, provides grant funding for Safe Routes to School Programs. Visit their website to find out how your city or County can apply for funds to fix sidewalks, put in stop signs, paint crosswalks, and more! In-classroom educational programs, and events such as Walking Wednesdays to help more kids walk and roll to school, are also fundable by these grant programs.

National Center for Safe Routes to School (NCSRTS) Funding Portal

The NCSRTS Funding Portal provides information about local, state, and national funding opportunities, mini-grants, and tips on how to use local funding resources too!

Other Fabulous Safe Routes Websites

California Active Communities reaches far beyond Safe Routes to create community-wide opportunities for safe, everyday physical activity through behavioral, environmental and policy change for Californians of all ages and abilities. They're also home to the California Walk to School Headquarters!

The National Center for Safe Routes has much more than funding information - they have a lot of free stickers, trainings, and other resources. They also process the very important parent surveys - which are key to any successful Safe Routes program. How can we get more kids walking and rolling without knowing the barriers both students and their parents face?

Safe Routes to Schools Technical Assistance Resource Center -